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All I ever want to do is write. 

More specifically, I want to write books that make a person feel as if they are inside of my book. I want to write a place for people to escape to. I want to write characters that people can call their friends. 


Writing takes a lot of time and effort. I have created a Patreon, in the event that you want to support me in any way. This is by no means necessary. Through Patreon, I will be offering early access to chapters and future works, bonus content, merchandise, ask me anythings, your name in acknowledgment section of my books, signed books, and the option to have a character named after you. Currently, I am revising and editing the tiers to offer more content.


How it works: You can sign up for a tier. You are charged when you sign up and after that, you are charged monthly at the beginning of each month. You can flip flop between tiers based on what you want to see or changes in your earnings. This is not a permanent subscription - at any point you want or need to cancel, you are more than welcome to. If in a few weeks you decide you want to come back, that's perfectly fine. It's all completely up to you. 

Thank you in advance if you decide to support me!

-- J

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